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Thai Herbal Facial


Non Surgical Face-Lift


Certeria Oily-to-Acne

Revive Normal-to-Dry

Ezcema Treatment

Line & Wrinkles Session


Revive Signature Facial    60-Mins.    $80     

The Signature Facial is a gentle deep cleansing facial that revitalizes and energizes the skin to help to create good skin health and balance.  Recommended for sensitive and  normal-to-dry skin-types.  Including: Cleansing, enzyme, exfoliation, masque, cooling herbs, hydrating moisturizer, botanicals and light extractions. Receive: Scalp massage, neck, hands, shoulders and arms massage.

Citeria Signature Facial   60-Mins.    $80                                       

This Signature Facial is a gentle deep cleaning facial that is recommended for T-Zone, oily-to-acne skin-types.  Including: Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, exfoliation and extractions to help to remove impurities by stopping bacteria from forming on surface of skin. Receive: Scalp massage, neck, hands and arms massage.   

Rejuvenate Anti-aging Facial   60 Mins. $80 vs. 90 Mins. $115

This Signature Facial is designed to help to restore the skin's natural elasticity and give the appearance of a younger youthful appearance.  Including:  Cleansing, collagen moisturizing, facial masque, extractions to help to remove impurities and ultraviolet rays UV.  Receive:  Scalp massage, neck, hands, and arm massage.


Rejuvenate Sensitive Facial  60 Mins. $80 

This Signature Facial is designed for extra sensitive skin.  We provide  gentle natural herbs for calming of the skin.  Including:  Gentle cleansing, moisurizing, facial clay and oatmeal enzyme.   Receive: Scalp massage, neck, hands, and arm massage.   

Non-Surgical Face-lift Facial    90-Mins. $105                                      

The NSF Signature Facial is including: Micro-dermabrasion to help to remove dead surface cells and outer layers of skin damage.  These powerful enzymes and collagen extracts help to improve skin elasticity

while radiating a youthful appearance. Recommended for sensitive and anti-aging skin-types. Receive: Scalp massage, neck, hands and arms massage.   

Customized Seaweed Peel    90-Mins.     $95                                        

This customized treatment is designed to   remove dead cells on the skin’s surface to achieve a radiant healthy complexion.  This methodology is designed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, roughness, thicken skin, dull skin, excess oils glands and eliminate dryness.

Gentlemen/Youth Facial    30/45     30/$45                                          

 The Gentlemen/Youth Facial is designed to address specific skin conditions and hormonal concerns. These treatments can be effective in reducing elasticity, enlarge pores, calming ingrown hairs, soothing razor bumps and skin irritation.


Therapeutic Body Massage   60/90     $60/$90                                  

Helps to rejuvenate your mind, body & spirit with a relaxing body massage.

Swedish, Deep-Tissue/, Lava Stone:                                                 

Swedish-This session is designed to   relax tired muscles and joints, while   rubbing in the same direction to help    the blood and heart flow.                    

Deep Tissue-Focuses on the deeper layer of muscle tissues. This is a stronger pressure massage using deep finger pressure to release muscle tension and knots.                                           

Lava Stone—Provides a therapeutic   relaxation to muscles and joints.

The heated stones are ideal for tension, body aches & pains and minor injuries.

Chair Massage Neck/Back   15/20/30   $15/$20/$30                          

This invigorating massage relieves stress and improves posture by loosening stiff and tired muscles from the upper to  lower back. Treat yourself to an energizing signature back/chair massage. Corp. On-site $1.00 per min.

Thai Massage    60/90    $75/105                                      

This is an ancient healing system combing acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assistes yoga posturees.  The client receives gentle pressure on energy lines and yoga like stretching to relax the whole body on a deeper level.  This treatment helps to improves the clients overal emotional status.  

 Alternate Wellness Massage    60/90    $75/$100                                      Aroma Touch—Is a Wellness Massage that uses CPTG Essential Oils. Recommended for healthcare maintenance, prevention and homeostasis balance for good health.                                                



Weight Loss/Body Wrap  75/90       $59.99                                  

 This Weight Lose Program is designed to  help the metabolism, by lowering stress,hormonal level and thyroid function. Based on your body mass BMI,

the   client is measured and then place on the Muscle Stimulator.  The client can target their body areas they want to address.  This session can be from 45-59 minutes in duration.  The client is placed in the sauna for 10-15 minutes, afterwards client is re-measured then body wrapped, which they can leave on for at least 1-hour. The client can expect to lose from 3” to 9” following their       service. Receive 3-Visits 4th Free.

Cellulite Treatment  60-75      $59.99

This treatment can help to remove fat   deposits under the skin.  It’s ideal for legs, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. These areas of the skin can appear to have dimpled appearance.  A cellulite ointment is applied to the target area, where client is placed on the Muscle Stimulator System for 45 minutes, then client is placed in the sauna for 10-15 minutes. Receive 3-Visits 4th Free.  

Exfoliating Back Body Glow 10/20     $15—$25                              

Receive a invigorating, refreshing back body exfoliation. The client receives a deep cleansing treatment with citrus fruit extracts to remove impurities.  Then natural sea salts are gently massaged into the back to help to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, warm compress are applied to remove

dead sea salts, followed with a blend of aromatic oils.  Finish with a nourishing ointment is applied to nourish the skin tone and create a soother texture.    Receive 3-Visits 4th Free.

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